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In beta version - for test pilots only!

Keep track

Wigellan is mainly a navigation aid for your wine journey. Wigellan comes with taste log and wine cellar app for easy overview of your past and future consumption. All features will be developed.

Best wines by area

Wigellan uses geography to navigate the best wines of the gloabal wine regions. Its about exploring and understanding the wine world by reading and visit wine areas, Wigellan simply supports this journey.

External data

Wigellan stores your lists, taste log and cellar information for easy and inspirational navigation - thats it. Wine information is all linked to best external content providers.

List the wines you love!

Drinking wine is to explore the world and finding new artist winemakers. The world is to big to roam randomly or stay in beaten tracks without a guide and travel companion. By keeping track of where you been, puting next moves in a bucket list and tuning in some tasting and exploring targets, then suddenly everything gets easier and more exciting. You can only drink a fraction of all wines in your life time, make sure that you explore and drink what you love. Drink less but better wines!

The best external data

Wigellan makes a wine navigation system, not the maps and uses LWIN open source wine codes published by Liv-ex.com comprising the 100k most worthwhile and traded wines on this planet. LWIN:s are constantly updated and managed providing quality secured unique wine identifiers. Further, each entry is linked to wine-searcher, robertparker, jancisrobinson and winespectator.com with all the details and where on the globe to buy the wine. Wigellan is also integrated with google maps to keep track of venues.

Easy logging of wine moments

Check in wines to your cellar, taste or bucket list. Get usesful external information on what you drink or have stored ahead. Plan your purchases, visits to restaurants or your next wine trip. Easy logging system and overview of what is best drinkable from your cellar makes the best of your wine moments. And most important, keep the notes in one place, always with you.

What will people hopefully say in the future ...

Maria S.

"Suddenly the wine world is apprehensible."

Christian B.

"This is fantastic! Real inspiration to explore."

Sarah W.

"Started to use the cellar tracker but then exploring the world!"

These is not our real users since they always will be strictly anonymous ...